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Docket Watch

If you use the Colorado State Court's Docket Search, Docket Watch can be an easy to use and functional tool.

Rather than searching one court at a time, Docket Watch gives you your court dates for the entire state with one click.DocketWatch from CircleConsulting

Download and unzip the program and its library.
Entire your Bar number and click on 'get my docket'

It's that simple.




Outlook MassMailer

If you send email to large groups, you need to break up the group. To protect against spam, some ISPs reject emails with large numbers of recipients.Outlook MassMailer from CircleConsulting

Circle Consulting's Outlook MassMailer automatically sends your email to each member of your group, one at a time. You can send to an Outlook contact group or to an Excel list.

Download and unzip the program and its library.

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