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Colorado Bicycle Regulation

Bicycles are everywhere in Colorado. You should know the laws that apply to bicycle riding and sharing the road with bicyclists.

Bicycle laws apply to pedal powered bikes, mopeds, segways, and scooters

Laws you may not know:

Colorado Bicycle Law

  • Between sundown and sunrise you must have headlamp and reflectors
  • You cannot use a siren or whistle on your bicycle
  • You cannot carry an extra passenger
  • You cannot hitch along with a car or truck
  • You must ride on the right hand side when riding on a multiple direction roadway
  • You are not required to put yourself in danger from road hazards or parked cars
  • You cannot ride more than two abreast or impede traffic while riding next to each other
  • It is illegal to ride no-handed. (this one strikes home for me)
  • You must make left turns in accordance with the traffic laws
  • You must signal stopping and turning for 100 feet, except when necessary to control your bicycle
  • When riding in the street you are subject to the same rights and obligations of a vehicle, unless modified by Colorado law
  • When riding on a sidewalk you only have the rights of a pedestrian
  • You must verbally warn pedestrians when you pass

Denver Municipal Bicycle Law

  • A driver must give a bicycle at three feet of clearance
  • You can carry packages as long as you keep one hand on the handlebars
  • You can be ticketed for speeding on a roadway
  • You can only ride on a sidewalk when preparing to dismount
  • You cannot ride a bicycle on a sidewalk at more than 6 mph
  • You must yield to pedestrians

If you've gotten a traffic ticket while bicycling, you may need a lawyer.

Colorado's bicycle laws can be complex. You may fines and costs, but you will not have points assessed against your driver's license. CRS 42-4-1412(12)(a),(b)

At every stage there are opportunities to lessen your penalties or even prevent convictions.

Circle Law will address your case on an individual basis. Attorney John Scanlan will take every opportunity to lessen your penalties.

You need to act quickly; deadlines can pass without your realizing it.

Contact Circle Law to set up an appointment: John Scanlan

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